Looking to Grow In Your Spiritual Gifts?

Do you want to be in a group of people who are practicing Spiritual gifts together? Do you want to be trained by the Remnant guys on theological foundation and with biblical expertise on Spiritual gifts? Do you want to be able to ask us questions about what you are personally struggling with? If you are looking for a place where you get hands-on discipleship from Charismatic leaders with decades of experience, we’ve designed this course for you. Over 117 online lectures, weekly live Q&A with our instructors, small group break-out sessions, and so much more are packed into this 13-week discipleship program!

Who Is This Course For?

  • You know that we are in a season of revival and renewal and want to be a part of what will happen next.
  • You’ve never experienced the Gifts of the Spirit and you don't know where to start your journey with the Holy Spirit.
  • You’ve been burned by Charismatic abuse but don’t want to walk away from the Gifts entirely and you want to start your Charismatic journey all over again…this time without all the Charismatic wackiness.
  • You’ve been practicing the Gifts of the Spirit for a while, but now you're ready to grow beyond your experiences.
  • You’ve been practicing the gifts for a while, but you want to be able to explain theologically why the Gifts are for today.
  • You are concerned with the mixture in the charismatic movement and you want to know how to discern between the authentic, the counterfeit, and the demonic.

What Does The Course Include?

A 13-week program - First Module released on February 27th.

Small Group Setting

Live Training with the Remnant Team

Mentoring by a Small Group leader that flows in the Spiritual Gifts

Textbooks: Understanding Spiritual Gifts by Sam Storms

Weekly Q and A with the Remnant Team -

Free online access to RR Conferences

Course Material

Module 1: How do I develop Friendship with God?

  1. God Wants to be Your Friend
  2. God Speaks Today to His Friends
  3. How to Build our Friendship with God
  4. We Build Friendship with God Where We Believe We Can Meet Him
  5. The Heart of Seeking Friendship with God
  6. The Heart of the Father

Module 2: What is The Kingdom of God?

  1. The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament
  2. The Kingdom of God in the New Testament
  3. Already and Not Yet
  4. Under-realized & Over-realized Views of the Kingdom
  5. The Session of Christ: Jesus Is Prophet, Priest and King
  6. Being Aggressive vs. Passive About the Kingdom

Module 3: Who Is The Holy Spirit

  1. The Holy Spirit in the OT
  2. The Marker of the New Covenant
  3. What are the Gifts of the Spirit?
  4. Misconceptions Around the Gifts
  5. Who is the Holy Spirit and How do I get a Gift?
  6. Having the Right Heart About the Gifts
  7. Developing a Healthy Culture Around the Gifts of the Spirit
  8. The Ephesians 4 Gifts

Module 4: Word & Spirit

  1. Authoritative Of God’s Word
  2. Studying Theology is Spiritual
  3. Is thinking spiritual? 
  4. How to Biblically Serious and Spirit Lead
  5. Word and Spirit 
  6. How do we interpret scripture spiritually
  7. Tools for understanding scripture
  8. Encountering God in the text. 

Module 5: Inner Healing, Spiritual Formation, and Sanctification

  1. What the Bible calls the Heart
  2. Why do Motives Matter?
  3. What is Sin?
  4. What is Repentance?
  5. What are Strongholds and How to Tear Them Down
  6. Dealing with Lies
  7. What is Confession?
  8. What is Inner Healing?
  9. What is Character Development, Sanctification, and Spiritual Formation?
  10. What are the Spiritual Disciplines?
  11. What is Integrity? How do I Grow in it?
  12. What is Hypocrisy?
  13. Partnering with the Holy Spirit to Get Free

Module 6: Deliverance & Evil Spirits

  1. Old Testament Scriptures on Evil Spirits
  2. New Testament Scriptures on Spiritual Warfare
  3. How Can a Person Get Demonized?
  4. Casting Out Evil Spirits
  5. Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare
  6. Should You Do Public Deliverance?
  7. Can Christians be Demonized?
  8. Intro to Mental Illness and the Demonic:
  9. Schizophrenia
  10. Dissociative Identity Disorders
  11. Sleep Disorders/Sleep Paralysis
  12. Closing Thoughts on Mental Illness and the Demonic

Module 7: Healing

  1. What is a Miracle?
  2. Is Healing for Today?
  3. What is Faith and What Role Does it Play in Healing?
  4. Church History and Healing
  5. The Demonic and Healing
  6. 5-Step Model
  7. Divine Healing and Medicine
  8. Healing, Science, Discernment

Module 8: Hearing God’s Voice

  1. God Still Speaks Today
  2. Hearing God Through Scripture
  3. Hearing God Through Prophetic Impressions
  4. The Gentle Voice of God
  5. Ways God Speaks Intensely
  6. Discernement Part 1
  7. Discernment Part 2

Module 9: The Prophetic/Sharing God’s Voice

  1. What is Biblical Prophecy?
  2. Misconceptions About Prophecy
  3. OT and NT Prophecies
  4. Prophecy Must Originate from God
  5. The Prophetic in Early Church History
  6. The Difference Between False Prophets and False Prophecy
  7. Prophetic Etiquette Part 1
  8. Prophetic Etiquette Part 2
  9. The Heart Behind the Gifts
  10. Growing in the Prophetic
  11. Science, the Prophetic, and Con Artists

Module 10: Tongues 

  1. Intro to the Gift of Tongues
  2. Are There Two Kinds of Tongues?
  3. The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation
  4. Misconceptions about Tongues
  5. Tongues in the Church
  6. Baptism in the Spirit
  7. Should Everyone Speak in Tongues?
  8. What Does the Gift of Tongues Do?
  9. Struggling with Not Having the Gift of Tongues

Module 11: Living From Identity in Christ

  1. Intro to Living from Your Identity in Christ
  2. Image of God
  3. We are Sinful
  4. We are a Masterpiece
  5. Union with Christ
  6. Should You Love Yourself?
  7. Weakness and Strength
  8. Slaves/Bondservants
  9. Sons and Daughters
  10. Priesthood of Believers
  11. People of God
  12. Ambassadors of Christ

Module 12: Discernment

  1. What is Discernment?
  2. What is Heresy?
  3. How can I Tell a True Move of the Spirit from a False Move of a Spirit?
  4. Exaggeration in Testimonies
  5. What Should We Think of the Courts of Heaven?
  6. What is Prophetic Malpractice?
  7. Vocabulary, Nuances, and Novel Teachings
  8. Realms of Glory and Glory Portals
  9. Misuse of Scripture
  10. What Should I Believe about Gemstones, Oil, Gold Teeth, Feathers, Gold Dust, and Other Claims?
  11. Confrontation

Module 13: New Age Discernment

  1. How to Tell Christianity From the New Age
  2. How to Tell the Holy Spirit From Kundalini
  3. How to Tell Christian Mysticism From Eastern Mysticism
  4. How to Tell a Biblical View of Words From the New Age’s View
  5. How to Tell the Difference Between Prophecy and ESP
  6. How To Tell the Difference Between Biblical Trips to Heaven and Astral Projection
  7. How to Tell if Your View of Alternative Medicine is Christian or New Age

Were The Groups Important To You?

Avery Forrest

The Saturday morning Live Q&A and small group time, to me, is the most crucial part of this course participating in that not missing that! Actually practicing the gifts, stepping out in faith, and listening to all the other questions people have, you are going to learn SO MUCH, by the questions of others!

Laurie Dellinger

I thought “oh it's going to be like you know an online web course like I've taken those before”. But it wasn't that way, having the personal interaction from the groups and Live Q&A and then you get in there and you practice the gifts. That was a really cool structure and it was super important to me to have that!

Jeffrey Izon

I love my group! Group #1 is the best, objectively! Seriously though, Our group is still meeting together after the course. it's been really great to learn from each other and grow with each other and if anyone has any questions or prayer needs, they just throw it to the group chat then you've got a bunch of people who are ready to answer and ready to pray.

Was The Course Worth The Financial Investment?

Mason Reece

"The amount of information and the relationships that you build in a course is well worth $1,000. If there is anything that you want to invest in, it is your walk with God and your pursuit of Him."

Kendra Dublin

Oh yes, it was definitely worth it! I mean it was worth more than that. The education gave me a toolkit. I now have a tool kit to use in my own personal ministry

Dustin Aguilar

Any other schooling you would do as a working person requires time and usually more money and the fruit of that is usually not as fun as prophecy, healing, and that sort of thing. Yeah, it's an investment, but what good thing does not require an investment?

What The Experts Say

Dr. Sam Storms

“In a day when bizarre and misleading doctrines are being promoted, we need the biblically faithful, Christ-exalting, Scripture-saturated instruction that is provided by Remnant Radio. I highly recommend this online school for everyone who longs for more of both the truth of God’s Word and the power of God’s Spirit.”

Dr. Jack Deere

“Remnant Radio has produced a phenomenal video series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is grounded in Scripture and filled with actual stories of hearing God’s voice and witnessing miracles done by the Holy Spirit. Anyone who wants a deeper friendship with God and desires to move in the power of the Spirit will be helped by this series. It will help you discover your spiritual gifts and use them to bless others. I recommend it without any reservations.”

Dr. Craig Keener

“Whenever I work with these guys at Remnant Radio or even have a chance to listen online, they keep it lively and they prepare amazingly well on a whole range of topics. Despite the range of controversies covered and the formidable content, they remain gracious to fellow believers across the board. Highly appreciated!”

Mike Bickle

“Today there is a plethora of misleading teachings that are being promoted by prominent ministries, thus we need sound Bible-honoring and Jesus-magnifying teaching and role models that inspire people to love and obey Jesus with all their heart and to serve and honor other Bible-based ministries that might look different from them. Remnant Radio excels in bringing these values into a larger conversation in the body of Christ. They are not afraid to challenge popular ideas that lack biblical foundations and yet they do it with a spirit of kindness, humility, and honor so as to promote unity instead of division when possible. I highly recommend their online school for those desiring to grow in understanding the truth of the Word of God together with the power of God’s Spirit.”

When Do Classes Start?

Registration for our spring semester ends on February 25th. After you register, you will get access to the first 6 videos on February 26th. And the first live Q&A and small group meeting will begin Saturday, March 4th at 10 AM CST.

We will mail your textbook (Understanding Spiritual Gifts) out to you as soon as you sign up, but you won't have any homework from the textbook until later on in the course.

110% Money Back Guaranteed

If you watch ever video, complete every assignment, and attend the entirety of every zoom session, and can honestly say this course did not change your life in some way, then we will refund 110% of your tuition.